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RSAP refers to everything in terms of its horizontal location along a baseline.  The baseline is defined in the usual manner for highway construction projects (e.g., station 20+13) so that information can be read directly from a construction plan and entered into RSAP.  Baselines are entered in Station Scribble204 notation.

Undivided Highway

An undivided highway has one baseline running along the center of the division between opposing lanes of traffic.

Divided Highway

A Divided Highway also has one baseline but in this case it runs along the centerline of the median.  This assumes that the horizontal and vertical alignments of both the primary and opposing lanes are dependent.  If they are independent alignments, define each alignment as a One-Way Highway .

One-Way Highway

The baseline of a One-Way Highway is assumed to run along the left edge of the left-most lane.  This is consistent with the way ramps are generally laid one and ramps are one of the most common applications of one-way roads.